15+ Best Accounting Software in Bangladesh – 2024

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In the field of promising businesses, must need accounting software in Bangladesh or any other country, whether it’s micro or mini or large empire business, technology has become like the left hand of the body.

15+ Best Accounting Software in Bangladesh

We need some kind of its help whether it’s checking the condition of a business or growing our sales. On the other hand, proper accounting is one of the key factors while running a successful business. In that act, this accounting software in Bangladesh can help one to run their business smoothly. This is the most powerful, effective, and modern accounting software list in Bangladesh. Read also here 10 Best ERP Software in Bangladesh.

Curator – Accounting Software

Curator is another best accounting software in Bangladesh. For the journal, voucher, and or sales entry Curator accounting software is apt software as it has features like: 

  • Double-entry bookkeeping system 
  • Automatic Voucher enlisting facilities such as debit and credit 
  • Cash-based accurate accounting facilities 
  • Income and expense report management
  • Multiple currency transaction management 
  • Calculation of the total tax by reading all of the financial or accounting transactions of the user’s tax period 

For the transparent financial information of the company, the software might help you. 

Smart Account 

Smart Account is another online accounting software in Bangladesh. They are providing both online and offline multi-user but web-based smooth accounting services. Smart Account also offers features like: 

  • Inventory sales and production facilities, 
  • General account management facilities
  • Multiple company management features
  • Production costing privileges
  • Automatic recurring service 
  • Dynamic Report Generation feature. 
  • Customer summary Generation feature

Overall, Smart Account is a really smart accounting assistant. Its plans start from 4500/month to the lowest price of 3600/month

FreshBooks – The Complete Cloud Accounting Software

FreshBooks is a cloud-based accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers to manage their finances, invoicing, and accounting needs easily and efficiently. It was founded in 2003, and since then, it has grown to become one of the most popular accounting software in the market, with over 24 million users worldwide.

freshbooks accounting software

One of the main advantages of FreshBooks is its simplicity and ease of use. It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and understand, even if they have little or no accounting experience. The software also offers a variety of features and functionalities that cater to the needs of small businesses and freelancers.

FreshBooks allows users to create professional-looking invoices, estimates, and proposals that can be customized with their logo, colors, and branding. Users can also set up recurring invoices, automate late payment reminders, and track their invoice status in real-time. The software also integrates with multiple payment gateways, making it easy for customers to pay their invoices online.

In addition to invoicing, FreshBooks also offers expense tracking, time tracking, project management, and financial reporting features. Users can track their expenses and categorize them for tax purposes, record their billable hours and expenses, and manage their projects from start to finish. The software also generates financial reports, such as profit and loss statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements, which users can use to make informed business decisions.

Another advantage of FreshBooks is its mobile app, which allows users to manage their finances on the go. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and offers most of the features available on the web version.

In summary, FreshBooks is a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable accounting software that can help small businesses and freelancers manage their finances and accounting needs efficiently. Its intuitive interface, comprehensive features, and mobile app make it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a simple yet powerful accounting software.

Cheqbook – The most popular Accounting Software

Cheqbook is a lifetime deal with a 2months money-back guarantee. You don’t need to pay monthly, or annually. This software is one of the most powerful accounting app in the world. You can use from anywhere, any country you live in.


The key features:

  • Inform your accountant.
  • Reports, statements, and 1099s should be printed
  • Training videos, webinars, and certification are all available for free.
  • Download Transactions Automatically
  • Create Journal Entries and Separate Transactions
  • Use your iPad or Android tablet to access your books.
  • 15 reports, including a balance sheet and profit and loss statement
  • Online Invoicing and Payment Acceptance
  • AccuScore Smart Categorization saves time.
  • Create an unlimited number of concurrent users.
  • Bill Management and Check Printing
  • Integration and add-ons
  • .Keep your Books Safe

Cheqbook’s price is one time payment $65, which is ৳6500 in Bangladeshi exchange. Check out here to get a discount of 10%.

Roopkar – Accounting Software in Bangladesh

In the world of business “Time is money”. The software development team of this useful software understands that. So they offer features in the software like: 

  • Hassle-free but smoothly useable accounting software that has a light user interface alongside a clear roadmap navigator for the users. 
  • The software offers a super-fast connection in their server that can fetch data in a moment. 
  • A large number of transactional data can be stored and can be managed in the software. 
  • It offers a high-security capability to its users. 
  • The software has both on and offline versions. So offline users can use Roopokar’s offline version without any online or internet connection. 
  • If you are looking for accounting software, the software can be found at a practical price comparatively. Also, Roopokar offers one-stop service and data backup services while hybrid disasters.  

So, Roopkar is the other option to do financial work like automated entries, invoicing, daily expense reports, financial reports, and bill payments to run a successful business.  

Jibika plexus –Accounting Management Software 

Jibika plexus is the other best HR payroll software in Bangladesh. Because it’s cloud-based software, using which users can manage complex accounting tasks very efficiently. It provides: 

  • Advantages of adding countless users and creating 
  • Limitless user type.
  • Full control of admin privilege.
  • Setting privileges for each type of option 
  • High security and audit service. 
  • Parameter auto-saving system
  • Unlimited layer declaration option 
  • Customization reduction service 
  • Salary scheme Setting advantage and more. 

These features make Jibika plexus one of the best accounting software options the, users set up, for the HR departments of any company.  

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Sunshine App

Sunshine App is a business solution for SME traders. It’s cloud-based software that is useable without installation. One can choose multiple options to subscribe to like easy basic, business, and corporate. It has features like:

It’s an ideal software for the business that doesn’t need any complex invoice
It has an offline data accessibility feature  besides the business finance tracking option
It also provides customer invoices, bill payments, report creation, and tax preparation services.
One can send a quotation to the customer besides making a product list.
Its dashboard is very accessible and easy.

So, it’s trustworthy software for SME business personnel.

accounting software in bangladesh

Mediasoft accounting software 

One of the popular IT companies Mediasoft’s accounting software allows user to track their workflow virtually as well as its tools and services help its users to customize their tasks. So that they can maintain the value and cost of the product and run their business more efficiently according to the requirement of the times. It has smart features like: 

  • Ensures streamlined end-to-end procedure
  • Connects departments and supply chain 
  • The software provides a ratio analysis service
  • Ensures customer and supplier management 
  • It helps to track its consumer’s performance opposite budget 
  • Software users can manage the cost center alongside the profit center of the multiple companies 
  •  Provides cash flow management alongside ensuring the creation of unlimited bank accounts.
  • Also, the software generates and sends retainer summary reports and ensures voucher supporting attachment services. 

Techno360 Accounting and inventory software 

As it has key features like billing, invoicing, etc., besides suitable modules in a huge number, Techno360 Accounting, and inventory software in Bangladesh are very appropriate for small, medium, and corporate business initiatives too. 

Its other features are: 

  • Every day’s sales details
  •  Month and early sales report 
  • Company’s total cost, revenue, and tax info 
  • Latest order details 
  • Store summary information. Such as the total number of products, orders, etc.
  • Via the software user can manage all supplier’s information
  • Also, new supplier details can be added while using the software
  • Users can set up customer setup using the software.
  • Along with these, there are more features one can find. 

The Accounting software use plan price in Bangladesh is 38000/month for the small businesses, 55000/month for the medium business model, and 150000/month for the corporate ones. 

Extreme Accounting Software in Bangladesh 

A subscription-based cloud accounting software from Extreme solutions named Extreme Accounting Software provides to its users from CRM and inventory to lead generation and marketing automation services at a cheap price.

Besides its cost-friendly mentioned services, it provides features like:

  • Customer database 
  • Daybook
  • Ledger book
  • Employee data
  • Work tracking option 
  • teamwork opportunities and Free SMS services 
  • Opening stock info 
  • Purchase and sell data management 
  • Income and expense management
  • Stock ledger 
  • Stock in-out data alongside stock position report  
  • Salary sheet management 
  • Leave and attendance data management
  • Sales and product plan privileges.  
  • Marketing campaign services and many more services. 
  • Product stock information management  

So it’s another best option for the companies to run the business in Bangladesh at a cheap cost.  

‘Troyee’ Accounting software in Bangladesh

The software focuses on providing solution-based services of the problems that an accountant faces in reality in the field of financial management, inventory with management, payroll, etc. its key features include: 

  • Troy Accounting software can handle multiple projects or branches with financial statement
  • The software has data backup and restores facilities 
  • It provides unlimited account group, inventory group, and subgroup creation privileges.  
  • Also, users can have barcode generation.
  • Only the user or admin can edit, delete or add the transactions in a secured audit trail report. It also indicates the software’s strong data security management feature.   
  • It provides all customize reports. 
  • Users can configure each company’s financial periods using the software alongside multiple-year configurations for each company.

So it’s trustworthy software that tries to make financial record keeping very easy and quick. 

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Star IT 

Star IT solution provides you with one of the ERP technology tools that are capable to operate the value and cost of the product. Its key features are:  

  • Star IT inventory accounting solutions allows its user to track their workflow virtually. 
  • A user could customize the tasks using the software’s various tools and facilities.
  • Smooth expenses, and income track record management is possible using the software alongside transaction record keeping management. 
  • User can easily access their finances through its user-friendly access to the finances facility.  
  • Star IT inventory accounting solution software.
  •  Provides accurate and consistent results to its users. 

So to enjoy such facilities you can use the software. 


For every accountant of a small or medium business venture who needs a trustworthy accounting assistant, for those, Hisab might be an option because: 

  • Users can enjoy a month or 30-day free accounting privilege…
  • It provides an online accounting system with a smooth transfer feature. 
  • It also offers unlimited Vendor Management and Billable Expenses with limitless discount offers. 
  • Using the software one can manage more than one bank account also. It has an automatic recurring feature too.  
  • Via the software, discrete payment features and inventory management systems can be enjoyed. 
  • The software offers easy deposit privilege with easy invoice management, multiple currency solutions, several company management features, client portal management solutions, and more. 

In short, it has various features to make an accountant’s or company’s financial recording keeping work very easy. So, another great option. Plan price: 1000-3000, per month. 


There is a complication of dissenting where it is officially recognized. In order to eliminate the complexity of the “accurate accounting” accounting, inventory software. The control is now in the palm of your hand, business time, anywhere. PakkaHishab is the most popular accounting software in Bangladesh

The software contains:

  • Accounts for debts
  • profit-loss calculation
  • Cashbook
  • Bank Book
  • Debit and credit vouchers
  • Journal Book
  • Balance sheet
  • Financial statement
  • Trial balance
  • Income statement etc.

Advantages of The software:

  • You can manage single and multi outlets.
  • Can be used on computers, mobile, and tab.
  • You can add unlimited products.
  • Able to maintain stock.
  • Maintain laser of customer and supplier.
  • Benefits of inventory management.
  • Advantages of invoice printing.
  • Advantages of keeping track of daily, weekly, and monthly purchases and sales.
  • Advantages of keeping account of daily/monthly/annual expenses.
  • Advantages of managing profit loss account information.
  • There are many more features, including the convenience of customizing to your liking.

AK software 

AK software provides both accounting and inventory services like:

  • Authorized sales tally services
  • Payroll management
  • Full bookkeeping facilities
  • Code-free accounting service 
  • Comprehensive accounting facility
  • Multi-currency transaction-based accounting feature.
  • Accounting related report management
  • Invoicing service
  • Stock aging 
  • Sales, purchase, order data management 
  • Advance MIS facilities 

Besides the services, AK software provides its consumers professional tally customer care services.

Amazing Soft   

Amazing soft provides the user with virtual accounting, and payroll management services that include

  • Customer invoicing 
  • Creating purchase order
  • Payroll creation and management
  • It does HRM based works like attendance tracking 
  • Account management 
  • Ledger keeping 
  • Cash bookkeeping
  • Analyzing the ratio
  • Daily, monthly, and yearly employee attendance record keeping.

All in all, it is also a great accounting software option for an accountant. 

My Accounting software  

My IT Company’s My Accounting Software provides various services regarding sales, accounts, inventory, and other staff. 

Its key features include:

  • It does Sales and account receivables tasks such as opening customer accounts and branches or preparing customer invoices and credit notes.
  • It provides purchase and account pay ability-related services like opening supplier’s account services alongside goods received note clearance services.  
  • Ensures Inventory and stock-related services such as keeping stock items and location and other adjustment records as well as foreign code registration for the barcode scanner entry. 
  • It also has features like software inquiry preparing bills for material, work center inquiries, and work order entries. 
  • Users can enter various currencies in bookkeeping and can do foreign country transactions via My Accounting Software. It also can open bank and petty cash accounts alongside doing many other payment and bank-related tasks. 
  • It also ensures general ledger management
  • It also provides reporting and email facilities 

So, this multi-accessible software is the other option to growing up a possible business venture.

Kaz Software

Since Kaz Software is a leading software & web, desktop & mobile application company they made several software for more than 100 companies all around the world such as Aarong. The characteristics of their software are:

  • Desktop-based tax optimization tools
  • Kaz software’s products are user-friendly. 
  • Kaz Software does produce software or applications which are SQL, Android, iOS-based even IoT-based applications. 
  • The company also builds corporate data management applications and a large content portal.

So it’s a trustable software solution company for established or still small and medium business ventures. 


Besides these software Microsoft, Tiger IT, etc are also more popular and great software one can use to develop and expand their business.  As there is a large number of software options to tackle the accounting and financial virtual problems, it is very important to choose the right ones for the ultimate betterment of the company. 

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