10 Best ERP Software in Bangladesh – All the Modern Apps

best ERP software in Bangladesh
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Managing and running a business successfully is not like making a cup of tea at the age of competitiveness. Especially in the post-Covid 19 business reality. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software makes an organization another important player in the respective business field. From accounting to risk management and compliance and supply chain operation an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software manages every record.  The ERP software helps to run and manage a business cost effectively compared to the competitors.

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Top 10 ERP Software in Bangladesh in 2022

As every business is individual and their body of work is different, so, here is some of the best ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software of/in Bangladesh, which can help individual business owner to run their business successfully.

Pridesys IT Limited’s ERP software solution

The software service provider works from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and also it has a branch in the USA. Very efficiently Pridesys IT limited ensures proper office or business management as its offers solutions such as defining target users, important values, primary features, priorities, etc.

It also Features:

  • Secured: Consumers can get a secured software interface to run a safe but successful business run.
  • Custom software creation: User can use their customized software provided by Pridesys IT limited.
  • On-demand Application System: The company offers an ERP software solution that has an on-demand Application System.
  • Accessible data: Users can easily access their daily business data
  • Affordability: Users can have the software at a very reasonable price.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy and user-friendly interface
  • Price: Contact the company as they are not mentioned at their sites.

10 Best ERP Software in Bangladesh in 2022 - All the Modern Apps

Extreme solution’s XERP ERP software

Material requirements planning, which is mainly a standard supply planning system, being used to understand the inventory requirements for maintaining a proper balance between customer demand and supply to them by the product-based manufacturer worldwide primarily- is called MRP. The XERP ERP software is such software that provides cloud-based MRP facilities to its consumer.

Key Features of the software are:

  • Real-time cloud-based software: Software is MRP software that is fully cloud-based.
  • Information regarding the latest framework and technology: the software features the updated framework and technology information all the time.
  • Experienced software: the software is serving its clients for 15 years.
  • Portable Software: the software provides integrated functional modules that are being integrated into a single application.
  • Secured software with centralized data storage: it’s very secure as it has a built-in gang protection prevention program. The user can also enjoy the software’s Single centralized data storage service.

Price: contact the company as it is not mentioned on their website.

Prism ERP software

Prism ERP software is a product of Divine IT Limited and is committed to its clients as it is integrated system software.  As one of the best ERP software in Bangladesh, that ensures a secured service to an individual client.

Key Features:

  • Platform Independent and ready system: it is a platform independent but ready system that can be used to run a successful but safe business.
  • Cloud-based ERP: The software ensures a cloud-based ERP system for its users.
  • m-D Support: it provides services to almost all kinds of businesses through its presets
  • Database friendly: it’s database-friendly software
  • High End: very high-end software for better business
  • Cluster support: user can have cluster support using PrismERP

Price: user needs to contact the company.

JibikaPlexus ERP software

JibikaPlexus ERP software features exclusive HR features alongside the payroll system. JibikaPlexus ERP software is popular as one of the best ERP software in Bangladesh among the ERP software.

Key Features:

  • Mobile phone friendly: user can run and manage the software using a smart mobile phone
  • Asset management: via this brand software, the user could manage the company asset info to remain within the planned budget or can execute damage control whenever he or she needs it.
  • Project management: Managing multiple projects sometimes causes huge chaos. JibikaPlex ERP software makes the project pretty easy.
  • Updated notification system: Users can get, and manage important information notifications through the advance notification system of JibikaPlex ERP software

Price: user needs to contact the JibikaPlexus support team to get the service.

Smart software ltd. ERP software:

Smart ERP software is a Client friendly software. The software features cost-effective features such as distribution, sales, and service management. Smart ERP software provides business-friendly ERP solutions from finance and accounting solutions to easy Project and HR management for all kinds of businesses.

Key Features:

  • Financial management: the software ensures total accounting and finance management of the company.
  • Inventory and warehousing: the software provides inventory data access and warehouse product information management
  • Project management: user can manage multiple projects using the software
  • E-commerce: this software also provides services to online business owners.
  • Human resource management: through the safe software user can do human resource tasks like tracking employee performances, salary sheet management, etc.

Price: Contact Smart software ltd. for the cost of service.

Hisab ERP software:

As one of the best ERP software, that provides exclusive secured, accounting, and office management to its client at a reasonable cost. Besides providing a user-friendly interface and a 30-day free trial, the Hisab ERP software has some unique business-friendly features like an inventory management system, cloud-based accounting, finance record facilities, etc.

Key features:

  • Dynamic financial report: The consumer can create and manage or track down dynamic financial data.
  • Inventory management system: Your company will be able to have an inventory management system of the software.
  • Cloud accounting service: the software is a cloud-based accounting service provider.
  • Easy to track down company profit: using the software company gets to know which marketing strategy they have to follow via tracking their expenses and profit.
  • Contact management: it helps its consumer to have properly managed contacts.
  • Payment record: software user company can keep an accessible payment record

Price: Contact the company that sells or provides the service.

Zab ERP software:

Provided by Orange Solution Ltd., the Proven product Zab ERP software is well known to provide ERP solutions to all kinds of business management such as hospital, HR management, and many more at a reasonable cost. It helps a user to run the business efficiently by pulling off all sorts of inventory, sales, and customer service-related tasks.

Key feature:

  • Flexible office management: Without paper, companies can manage their office flexibly via the software
  • Human resource management: The software provides efficient human resource management, especially for the garment business companies
  • Supply chain management: The software helps to keep the supply chain management on track.
  • Payroll management: It helps to prepare and manage the payroll of their staff
  • Asset management: It offers asset management to the company.

Price: Contact the software service Provider Company.

Desh ERP software:

As the leading business accounting agency and ERP software that looks after the business’s or organization’s inventory management, it manages accounts to payments. Cloud-based ERP software gets efficient finance and accounting with office management to run a safe but smart business venture. Sales and product purchase data management and employee performance tracking down get easy, using the software for its consumers. Software is a product of Deshsoft ltd., their office is in Bangladesh, Canada, Japan, and Malaysia respectively.

Key features:

  • User-friendly interface: Desh ERP software has an accessible interface
  • Sale and purchase info: Users can track down day-to-day, monthly, and yearly sales and purchase information of the company.
  • Expert’s help: if any issues occurred regarding software or any services provided by the expert support panel without any unwanted interruption.
  • Account and inventory: unlike other software, it provides efficient accounting and inventory services.
  • Financial management: Using the software, the company enjoys proper and advanced financial management as well as easy customization feature.

Price: to buy or enjoy the service, contact the software company provides on their website.

ERP solution’s ERP software

There is a chance, that if you don’t get, keep, track and securely manage your business data like financial, inventory, Product, Sales, and purchase records, you may land into trouble while making wise risk management, marketing strategy, or any sort of smart business decisions. As one of the trusted software, ERP Solution’s ERP software provides you with the exact help you need. For example, it offers point sale facilities. In a word, the Point of sale is the time and place where the product retail transaction process gets finished. The very trusted and proven software is the product of ERP Solution. 

Main features:

  • Accounting: efficient account management helps its user company to run the company successfully.
  • Point of Sale: it features a point of sale service also. That also helps a seller or business owner to have a full specific product-wise business scenario.
  • Inventory management: the software has a unique inventory management feature to run a cost-effective business.
  • Expense tracker: The software features an expense tracker to remain up to date about business scenarios.
  • E-commerce: the software also very e-commerce business friendly.
  • Price: the consumer has to contact the service provider company.

TallyPrime ERP solution

TallyPrime ERP solution believes in client satisfaction and helping the clients to run and grow their respective businesses by providing smart business solutions. Such as invoice and accounting, Payroll management, advanced banking features, own and third-party stock management, cash flow facilities, and more. You can buy the software service online and also can have a 30-day trial.

Key features:

  • Multiple invoice formats: their solution provides multiple invoice formats to record invoices and inventories
  • Accessible business report: company can have to access its business report from any and anywhere at any time
  • Employee management and salary processing: their solution provides employee management as well as smooth salary processing services.
  • Project management: their solution helps to create, manage even track multiple projects simultaneously

Price: Before having the service has to contact the solution provider

Final  Thoughts

Besides these software companies, there are quite popular software companies like generation next IT solution ltd, erp.com.bd, Techno360, etc. provide trustable ERP software and solutions also to run successful but competitive individual business ventures at a very reasonable price. A business person needs to choose wisely which service he or she wants to choose for a better but successful venture.

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