12 Best free SEO Programmes to Improve SEObility

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In this article, I’m going to write you the 12 best free SEO Programmes that can help you rank number one on Google. So, instead of me just firing a list of SEO software at you, I’m going to share with you how to use each of these free SEO tools.

So, make sure you watch until the end because SEO tools number four and five are two that I use every single day.

12 Best free SEO Programmes to Improve SEObility

SEO program is now part of overall market research. This SEO Software help to gather market data. Here we discuss the 12 most useful SEO tools that are free.

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

So the first free SEO tool you should be using is Screaming Frog SEO Spider, and I simply could not live without this tool, because it’s fundamental to performing effective SEO audits.

screaming fog best seo software

 Now let me take you to my computer, and I’ll show you a few things that it can do. So go to the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, and this is by far one of my favorite SEO tools. I use it pretty much daily to perform SEO audits and analyze competitors. To analyze my website, it has so many capabilities. I’m not gonna be able to hit every single detail of this tool in this short article. But I’ll show you some of the high-impact stuff that this tool can do for you.
So the first thing I recommend you do is connect the APIs. Connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
So in this case, Connect to Google Analytics and Ahrefs. Then for this segment,  select organic traffic. But you can mess around and use some of these other settings, but for the most part, we’re focusing on SEO performance by selecting organic traffic
 Once you have the Google Analytics and API set up and the Ahrefs, or whatever link tool you’re using set up, go ahead and enter a domain that you wanna crawl.
I’m telling you how to find thin content because thin content is one of the biggest issues. That you’ll encounter on a website.
And so, Screaming Frog makes it super easy to find this particular issue. While you’re on this internal tab, go ahead and scroll over. So once you see this Word Count column, you can do a lot of stuff from here alone.
But what I like to export, because then you can filter through these pages to see if there are any issues with Word Counts.

screaming fog best seo tool

Okay so I’ve added all the data from the Screaming Frog SEO Spider into a Google Sheet, And so I just wanna show you how I would go about this, and kinda my thought process. 

The first thing you wanna do, you can collapse most of the columns that Screaming Frog is going to supply, so I collapsed the majority of them, and I only kept some of the most important columns, so I kept the Word Count column, which I’ll go ahead and just highlight so you have an idea here. 

Word count column and we wanna have GA Sessions (Traffic) which is how much traffic is going to these pages on your website, so we’ll go ahead and highlight that in green.

And then we also wanna have the Total Referring Domains from Ahrefs. from here, we can audit each page and determine if that page needs to be upgraded, it needs more words, it needs to be better, because, typically, if a page has a low Word Count.

It doesn’t have traffic and it doesn’t have links, then there’s probably some sort of issue going on here. Now in the case of my website, I don’t have many instances of that because I’m pretty strict with the number of pages that I publish, and also, if I do publish a page, I’m gonna try to acquire links to it,

So that’s much, much different, So typically if you want to acquire more links, you need to create more in-depth content.

So this is just one use A case for Screaming Frog. There are so many things you can do.

I use it to analyze content on a website, and try to figure out how we can draw more organic search traffic to that content,

Just play around with it, it’s an amazing tool, it’s truly one of my favorite tools, and there are just unlimited capabilities for improving your SEO performance, and really if you just had

With this tool and no other tools, you could improve your SEO performance and get more traffic.


The second free SEO tool you should be using is Ubersuggest because it can help you find keywords to target for your SEO campaign. It’s one of the best free SEO software All-in-one.

So here’s how to do it. Okay, so I am at the Ubersuggest website, and so this tool was bought out by Neil Patel, and this is still a great tool, and there’s a lot of great stuff that Neil has added to this tool that has made it much better, and so I’m gonna show you how to use it.

But there are two primary ways to use this tool. You can either search by keyword phrase, or you can search using a competitor’s domain.

let’s start with a competitor’s domain, and I’ll show you kinda how that works.

We’ll look at Neil Patel’s website. So once the analysis is complete you can get some overview information of how your competitor is doing, and so you can tell that Neil has a ton of traffic, which is great, and it certainly helps that, He has a million backlinks.

But as we go down, the helpful part is you can see the keywords that they’re ranking for. And so, it’s quite generous that Neil is allowing this data for free, this is very, very valuable data that you usually have to pay for.

But you can go through each of these keywords and see if they’re worth going after. Here I clicked on the keyword “Affiliate Marketing”.

affiliate marketing keywords overview neilpatel

So one thing that Neil has done is he’s developed this SEO difficulty metric, and it’s a pretty good metric overall.

But obviously, you need to do your manual qualification. But this is extremely

valuable for a free tool. So you can just go through here and see all the keywords that have low SEO difficulty, and then you c can go after those keywords.

Now, keep in mind, that just because it has low SEO difficulty doesn’t mean that it’s gonna

be a cakewalk to rank for, but use this tool to analyze your competitor’s keywords, and then you won’t even really have to do keyword research, you can just extract ideas from your competitors.

So this tool makes it a lot easier. So the next you can do, is you can just enter a keyword.

I just entered ‘SEO tool’ and this is gonna show you the SEO difficulty, the paid difficulty, and even the cost per click along the search volume.

ubersuggest best free seo software

But what you want to do is you wanna keep searching for keywords that are easier to rank for.

So in this case ‘SEO tool’ is a little tough, so let’s try something like anchor text. So obviously the SEO difficulty is much easier for a term like this.

And the cost per click is lower as well because it’s probably not as valuable as a keyword to rank for, for the companies that are going to advertise.

So this tool alone can give you a ton of really great intel about what keywords to go after, but as I said, this is more of just the preliminary process. 

You need to also do some manual keyword qualifications. And I’ll talk about that in another post. But for now, take advantage of this tool. Use it and prove why said I this is the best SEO tool. 

SEObility Another Best All-in-one SEO software

We are going to take a review of SEObility software. It is created in Germany and the purpose of this software is to give you a more optimized page for better rankings in Google.

seobilitychecker free seo tool

I’m sure you like to improve your google rankings. 

It has a full feature of all-in-one SEO tools like a backlink analyzer, social network performance, Problematic page title, duplicate checker, on-page seobility, linkbility, technical metadata, site performance, etc. You can also monitor the ranking of your website and the Search result details for the monitored keyword. For SEO, especially for onsite audits, SEObility is a great choice for an agency or individual freelancers.

You must like the ‘Individual keyword suggestions for rank tracking’ Feature of seobility. The tool provides you with realistic keyword suggestions to reduce your hard work. This SEO software helps you to bring real visitors and customers.

seobility review seobilitychecker free seo tool

It gives you more traffic, more customers, and more revenue that’s why its ability can be very useful. I open up here in another window I added a project on your online revenue which is my website and I have written a review of a see ability. 

Just I helped you who like pdf report for his website. Just download seobility SEO checker android. Put your website URL and see your results. You can export it to pdf.

Set a free project here.

Search Console

Google Search Console is one of my favorite programs because it helps you to index your webpage in the Google search engine for free. As a result of all of this, the popularity inside this search engine improves, resulting in more people discovering your website. This is a must-have tool for web page authors. Also for those who are actively checking their websites searching for ways to develop them. It is the most powerful and search-effective SEO software. 

search console

The Google Search Console is an easy-to-use, direct-to-the-point application for correctly configuring websites for SEO. When it comes to re-designing old client websites, Google Search Console comes in handy because it helps us to pinpoint and address problems with pages, site connections, and sitemaps.

It brought to you organic search activities like search appearance, CTR, average position, indexability, sitemap, mobile-friendliness test, crawlability, etc.

I will advise anyone to use it (if they haven’t already) for their website ventures because it is a must-have tool in the industry. You will fail to compete with your rivals and make it to Google’s front page if you do not use Google Search Console.


The third free SEO tool you should be using is because it will help you to find ideas for structuring your SEO content. Here’s how to use it.

Okay so I’m at AnswerThePublic and this is by far one of my favorite SEO tools and one of my favorite keyword research tools.

I use this tool for every piece of SEO content I create because it’s so incredibly powerful, and the best part is that it’s free. So go in here and just enter your primary keyword phrase.

Then once the analysis is complete, click on the Data tab, and then you’re gonna be able to see all of these questions that are being asked about your primary phrase. you need to go through these, and then copy the ones that are relevant to whatever your content asset is, and this is extremely powerful because you’re going to be able to capture a ton of long-tail traffic by answering these particular questions

about your primary phrase.

And so some are not relevant but some are, this tool just gives you all the intel that you need

to be able to answer the right questions for your content.

And one other thing you can take a keyword phrase like this and then run it through again and see if there are even more long-tail phrases. 

So that way you can just keep stacking long tails into your content, but the most important part

is to make sure that the long-tail keyword phrase is hyper-relevant to your primary keyword phrase.

Rank Math

This is an on-page SEO tool for WordPress. As a most used CMS platform, the plugin’s popularity is growing high day by day. It helps in especially on-page SEO setup includes keywords, description, and other site metadata. It allows setting dofollow or nofollow attributes to the links. Rank math can reduce your time if you don’t use any SEO software on your CMS. 

For your WordPress website, Rank Math SEO is the most reliable SEO software. 

You can handle the on-page SEO of your articles, websites, items, and other taxonomies with Rank Math. You can also manage the noindex/nofollow/noarchive meta tags for all taxonomies, as well as individual posts and sites.

Rank math’s free version is better than another popular WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast SEO. 


Now we’re going to be reviewing SEMrush and going over absolutely everything you need to know about it. Before making a decision on whether or not you’d like to try it out for yourself. 

semrush seo software 7 days free trial

Before review use it 7days trial SEMrush for free. 

SEMrush is a product that helps you optimize your website for search engines. It now has a massive user base of over seven million users. It is one of the most popular SEO tools currently available on the market. 

SEMrush works by giving you a lot of information that you can use to do things such as create new web content, that is likely to attract traffic and lets you identify link-building opportunities with these freemium Marketing tools.

You can tweak the technical aspects of your site content. free and premium Marketing tools

So that it achieves a higher search ranking. For example, SEMrush can give you keyword suggestions based on phrases you enter that can be used as the basis for writing blog posts that are likely to perform well in search results. 

It can also tell you how difficult it will be to rank for specific search phrases. It suggests websites that might be worth approaching for backlinks and it allows you to perform an SEO audit on your website to find out issues.

If there are any technical improvements you can make to it that will help you achieve better search results and that is honestly just the beginning though.

There are so many other features provided by SEMrush that are designed to help you improve your site’s position in search results. So one of the major advantages of having an SEO and keyword analysis suite like SEMrush in your toolbox. You’ll probably not run out of features to improve your business for one month. 

You might start looking into like competitor analysis or something and the next month you could explore something entirely different now. Because SEMrush honestly does have just too many features.

I found myself using the most and well just the features that I think are the best and you’ll be most interested in the keyword research tool.

Hemingway Editor

The fourth free SEO Software you need to be using is Hemingway Editor. Now, this may not seem like an SEO tool on the surface, but it’s extremely powerful for creating incredible content. 

In fact, you can be a super writer, and still create incredibly engaging and readable content just by using this tool.

Let me tell you how it works.

I’m in Hemingway Editor, and this might be the weirdest tool that I share, but this is what I would call my secret weapon for creating great content.

hemingwayapp free seo software


Not only for SEO purposes but just great online content in general. And so if you don’t consider

yourself to be a great writer this tool alone can make you 10 times better at writing because it is so incredibly powerful.

And I use this tool for every single piece of content that I create because it helps me create better content. So one thing that I like to do is, obviously I’ll write my draft, and then I’ll put the draft in here to fix all the issues.

But one thing you can do is just go to your site and then copy a block of text, and see if that block. The text is written well.

So we’ll just copy this one here on my homepage. We’ll put it in here, and it looks like I have a sentence that’s a little hard to read, so I could go through and fix the sentence. So now let’s go here and do another one.

Once again, it looks like there’s some room for improvement in this particular sentence and the words that I’m using. So just keep going through your site, and what I recommend doing literally go to a blog post, and what you can do is you can just copy all the content, or at least copy some big sections, and then just go in here, and I always like to do paste special and make sure that it pastes to what it is cause then it can get a little weird.

But go through with all your content and then just go through step by step and fix your content so that it meets this criterion, I can assure you that it will make your content 10 times better, and the best part is this tool is just gonna guide you through the process.

And so it’s so valuable and a lot of people don’t do this, so highly recommend you take advantage of this tool. The fifth free SEO tool I highly recommend.


The next one is Quillbot. It is quite a popular tool to optimize grammar. It has different extensions for Chrome and MS word. It helps to summarize and expand by their tool expander. Quillbot’s most significant tool is the content improver cum paraphraser. It has different modes like standard, fluency, formal, simple, and creative. You can check plagiarism by their plagiarism checker.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the king of WordPress SEO plugins, and it’s the one we use on the sites. Yoast continues to stun the WordPress community with amazing updates, a stunning interface, and the most user-friendly option for making your blog posts and product pages stand out, with an unbelievable 16,700 5-star ratings at the time of this writing.

Yoast SEO also has its own website, which includes premium support options, a vibrant community in the forum area, an insightful blog for learning more about SEO, and SEO courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced users.


stacking with Hemingway Editor is Grammarly. This is another freemium Search engine Marketing tool or software.

And Grammarly’s free browser extension will help you fix all your grammar and spelling errors within your content. Here’s a quick demonstration. When I’m inside Grammarly, and you can do it directly on their actual website or you can add the Chrome extension. It is a powerful SEO software 

Either way, it’s great, because the Chrome extension allows you to see issues while you’re creating content.

grammarly free seo software

But one thing I like to do is I’ll go ahead and click New, and then I’ll go ahead and just add the content in here, and then you can change some of these settings. Typically I will do an expert, depending on what it is of course.

This will depend greatly on the business itself. We’ll do informal, and we’re gonna do inform.

Then we’ll be done.

And then what Grammarly’s gonna do is it’s gonna scan through this content, and you’re gonna be able to see issues related to the copy itself. And so we’ll click on this one and see what it says, and so I took an article. but I just wanted to show you what this was like.  In this sentence it says, and with the search rankings feature, you can automatically track how your rankings are changing daily.

So, Grammarly’s saying that it would make more sense just to eliminate this phrase and just use it daily.

And so what Grammarly’s gonna do, it’s gonna make your writing way more efficient, and you’re gonna be able to eliminate a lot of grammar issues, a lot of spelling issues, then when you stack Grammarly with Hemingway, is so powerful.

I recommend editing first in Hemingway, and then bringing that content over and putting it in Grammarly. And just by using those two tools alone, your content will be 10 times better.

The sixth free SEO tool you have to use is AM Institute’s Headline Tester. Use it and prove yourself, why said I this is the best free SEO software on the web. 

Headline Analyzer

AM Institute’s Headline Tester, and so every single time you create a piece of content, you need to test your headlines in this tool, because your headline is pretty much the most important part of your content, believe it or not, because 80% of people don’t even read past the headlines.

So you need to do your best to create captivating headlines and persuasive headlines. And so this tool can help you do that well.

So, what you need to do to select whatever category you’re in,

headline analyzer - seo software

In this case, I’m going to choose Business. So I’ve already tested these headlines it’s probably going to get a good score, so we’ll submit it for analysis, and so it got an 80%. And so what they claim is that most professional copywriter’s headlines will have between 30% to 40% in their headlines, while the most gifted copywriters will have 50% to 75% in their headlines. And so one thing I’ve realized about this tool is shorter headlines tend to get better scores.

But what I recommend doing is just keep creating new headlines until you at least get into this 50% range. You don’t need to get as high as 80%, but just keep creating new headlines over and over and over until you get a good one, and then use that as your title for your blog post or title for your homepage or whatever copy you’re writing.

And so, this tool, I can’t live without it, I use it all the time, and I highly recommend you use it if you’re trying to create more captivating headlines. It helps you to rank higher by checking and fixing seobility.

Backlink analyzer

So the seventh and final best free SEO software you need to take advantage of is Neil Patel’s backlink analyzer. Now while I do recommend investing in a tool like Ahrefs, Neil’s tool can help you get a lot accomplished. I’m here at Neil Patel’s new backlink analysis software.

And so this is an excellent free SEO tool, now, of course, I recommend investing in a high-quality tool like Ahrefs, but if you’re strapped for cash right now and you’re a startup, you

don’t have a ton of money to invest in an expensive tool, then this can do the job. So just enter your URL and start the analysis. I like to do one link per domain,

so make sure that’s selected, and then click follow. So then you can see right away all of the following links that they have. And then what you can do is you can go through and see if you can get the same links like them.

So let’s say we wanted to get a link from NameCheap as Neil Patel did, so what you wanna do are you wanna look at what Neil produced.

And so he created a blog post about the Science of Social Timing, and so he has a bunch of data, it’s a good post here. And so what we’d wanna do is we wanna try to create something substantially different and better than this.

Best Free SEO - backlink analyze

So then what we have to do is just copy this URL, and then what we’re just gonna reach out to any website that has linked to this particular page. So you can just paste that URL in here, and then see all of the websites that are linking to Neil Patel’s blog post about the Science of Social Timing. And then your objective is to create an asset that is different and fars uperior to what he created.

Now, that would be very challenging, in this case, ’cause he did a very good job, but there are certainly opportunities for you to come from a different angle, or maybe have more unique data. 

There’s a lot of opportunities there for you to do that, but this tool alone can help you identify topics that are highly linkable because, at the end of the day, you need to acquire links to your content because the goal should be to build your site authority, and also, rank for the terms they are going after.

So this is an awesome free SEO tool, and I highly recommend you use it if you don’t want to invest in an amazing tool like Ahrefs, even though I recommend that you do.

So those are the seven free SEO tools you should be using to increase your Google rankings.

And if you enjoyed this article, put here what enjoyed it or not.

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